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123- Not Dead Yet

June 28, 2021 By

Amusement parks have some fantastic signage, especially lit up at night! My scene is viewed during daylight, so no glowing neon here, but I still must create some excitement through design and color. I’m perfectly happy with the name “Not Dead Yet.” It conjures the appropriate scary feeling for a ride through the health care system.

Red letters were place holders, now I’m ready for the real thing which needs to stand out more. I’ll go with yellow. I tried other colors and patterns, thinking I might get the feeling of light bulbs or glitz, but none of that worked. Something else was needed to make the sign exciting, so I fooled around with background squiggles and zig-zags.

My original vision was the sign would include colorful pills, possibly some kind of lights that looked like pills. I made some that I like – they do look more like a painted part of the sign and I’m ok with that. Then the final addition was the edge line that looks like that of a heart-beat monitor. Of course, I did an image search for an actual monitor line, since I wanted to get it somewhat accurate.

Many small pieces on all of this, so I did use fusible web to hold all these parts together. And yes, at some point, I’ll be sewing over all of this!