August 2

Sorry to string you along, but I couldn’t resist, especially when I want to show how I sewed the

August 1

Ah, I just showed my quilt getting loaded onto my long arm yesterday, and-TaDah! it’s done and

July 31

My A-1 longarm machine, ready to sew! #indiaquilt #lovemylongarm #saqawip #neqmexplorations

July 30

Composition is off the design wall! Ironing with a press cloth to make sure everything is fused

July 27

Going going gone - biggest section of stitching and wash away stabilizer in the bathtub. I put an

July 22

What a mess, right? After stitching on a section of my quilt-before quilting-and before washing

July 19

When I remove a section of my quilt composition to do some stitch work, I carefully mark with pins

July 17

Sewing a section of #indiaquilt. This isn’t the quilting stage yet. Here I am securing bits of

July 16

A horizontal section of #indiaquilt removed to do some stitching. If you’ve been following from the

July 15

I’m in the final stretch of making my complicated #indiaquilt for #neqmexplorations ,- it has to be