April 27

Working on the little people; saris are fun because you can sneak in an unexpected burst of

April 24

Are any of the fabrics in my #indiaquilt from India? No, but I did come home with a suitcase full!

April 19

Tools I use for cutting freezer paper templates for #indiaquilt A mini cutting mat is easy to move

April 16

Some fabrics might be replaced a few times, just as a painter would revise their colors, until the

April 14

Beginning to put together a complicated quilt, when I am facing the actuality of the how many steps

April 12

I’ve been cutting out lots of freezer paper templates. For my non-quilting friends, freezer

April 7

#indiaquilt - full size at 30” x 50.” I use an improvised plumb line (a string with a weight on the

April 5

Gathering building materials for my India quilt. On the left are printed bricks and stones, on the

April 4

It’s not a perfect photoshop edit, but it’s what I need to make a quilt from. I love making my own

April 2

If you’re wondering how I’m working with photos for my India quilt... #photoshopedit #fabriccollage