"Fair Weather (July 19)" - detail


47″ x 59″


Commercially available cotton fabrics, acrylic ink, textile paint, fusible web, thread, silk batting

Original photograph by Wil Whalen, used with permission.


Stitched fabric collage, fusing, painting, machine and hand stitching

Knots & Tangles:

The entire process went quite smoothly!

Computer Usage:

My husband, Hari, found a photo on Facebook that he really liked, and wanted to try painting the scene. I loved the photo also, and wanted to try a quilt of it. The photographer, Wil Whalen, graciously granted permission for us to use his photo.

Completely Original

What's not mine?

Inspired by original photograph taken by Wil Whalen, https://www.facebook.com/WilWhalen23/

used with permission

Paint Used