Los Compañeros


60″ x 48″


Spoonflower printed linen, commercially available cotton fabrics, acrylic ink, textile paint, fusible web, thread, batting


Photoshop composition created from my own photos. Background printed by Spoonflower, enhanced with paint and thread. Stitched fabric collage, fusing, painting, machine and hand stitching.

Knots & Tangles

This was the first time I used Spoonflower Inc. to print a background photo onto fabric, The result was a little darker than I had expected, but it  worked with the mood of the piece.

It took a few trials to paint the flags to not only look like they were hanging, but also to fit in with the general palette.

Painting skin tones is difficult. The separate body part colors must look as if they belong to the same person. So if, for example, the face did not come out quite right, the next face I painted needed to match the arms and legs I had already done – or I’d have to re-make them also.


Cuba is a land of wonderfully fantastic people, sights and stories! I wanted to portray a little of what I had seen and touch on some of the political tension that is ever present in Cuban life.

2019 – Road to California Quilter’s Conference, Ontario, CA

2018- Grace Chapel Art Gallery, Lexington, MA

2017 – Whistler House Museum of Art, Lowell, MA

2017- Visions Art Museum, San Diego, CA – Invitational Figurative Exhibit

  • Reliance on Reference Photos

  • Computer Usage

  • Paint Applied