"Los Companeros" - detail


60″ x 48″


Spoonflower printed linen, commercially available cotton fabrics, acrylic ink, textile paint, fusible web, thread, batting


Photoshop composition created from my own photos. Background printed by Spoonflower, enhanced with paint and thread. Stitched fabric collage, fusing, painting, machine and hand stitching.

Knots & Tangles

This was the first time I used Spoonflower Inc. to print a background photo onto fabric, and the result was a little darker than I had expected, but I also liked the mood it enhanced.

Painting the flags to not only look like they were hanging, but also to fit in with the general palette of the entire piece took a few trials.

Painting skin tones is difficult. The separate body part colors must look as if they belong to the same person. So if, for example, the face did not come out quite right, the next face I painted would have to match the arms and legs I had already done – or I’d have to re-make them also.

Computer Usage

Digital background photo printing onto fabric (Spoonflower Inc.)

Research of political statements and US/Cuban relations.

Photoshop Elements for photo manipulation and artistic composition.

This street corner does not actually exist in Cuba.I made a composite of various photos my husband and I took while on a recent trip. I added a quote from Che Guevara along with his image to simulate political graffiti that is still visible on the island’s buildings.

Completely Original

What's not mine?

 “…si usted es capaz de temblar de indignación cada vez que se comete una injusticia en el mundo, somos compañeros, que es más importante.”

” … if you are able to tremble with indignation every time you commit an injustice in the world, we are companions, which is more important. ”
[Source: Letter to María Rosario Guevara, February 20, 1964 – Che Guevera]

Paint Used