July 17/India quilt

Sewing a section of #indiaquilt. This isn’t the quilting stage yet. Here I am securing bits of

July 16/India Quilt

A horizontal section of #indiaquilt removed to do some stitching. If you’ve been following from the

July 15/India Quilt

I’m in the final stretch of making my complicated #indiaquilt for #neqmexplorations ,- it has to be

June 25/India Quilt

After stitching a section and washing stabilizer away, I add it back to the rest of the quilt.

June 20/India Quilt

My version of life on the wild side: I haven’t used this kind of wash away stabilizer before, so

June 10/India Quilt

Small fabric scraps can get out of hand quickly when doing a complicated #fabriccollage like my

June 3/India Quilt

I pin up bits of fabric that I cut with a freezer paper template or by freehand guesstimating the

May 24/India Quilt

When work becomes “precious” because you like it, it’s difficult not to get caught up in playing it

May 17/India Quilt

This will be a billboard on #indiaquilt - don’t know if it’s legible, but it doesn’t need to be. (a

May 15/India Quilt

I’m going to make a billboard sign with thread work. Not sure how legible the characters will come