April 5/India Quilt

Gathering building materials for my India quilt. On the left are printed bricks and stones, on the

April 4/India Quilt

It’s not a perfect photoshop edit, but it’s what I need to make a quilt from. I love making my own

April 2/India Quilt

If you’re wondering how I’m working with photos for my India quilt... #photoshopedit #fabriccollage

March 30/India Quilt

Once I created the background for my #indiaquilt I can figure out how to bring it to life, and the

March 25/India Quilt

India quilt composition. So many hours in and I haven’t even started thinking about the

March 22/India Quilt

India quilt composition in progress. #photoshopedit #ilovephotoshop #artistsoninstagram

March 17/India Quilt

Of course my India quilt will have people, and maybe a few animals (like the cattle and dogs that

March 16/India Quilt

Kites dotted the skies wherever we traveled in India. I like my quilts to have meaning, and kite

March 14/India Quilt

India quilt begins. I’m not sure what to post of my progress. I make lots of small changes on

March 10/India Quilt

I've begun my next quilt, and as a departure from my usual method, I am making it specifically for