June 10

Small fabric scraps can get out of hand quickly when doing a complicated #fabriccollage like my

June 3

I pin up bits of fabric that I cut with a freezer paper template or by freehand guesstimating the

May 24

When work becomes “precious” because you like it, it’s difficult not to get caught up in playing it

May 17

This will be a billboard on #indiaquilt - don’t know if it’s legible, but it doesn’t need to be. (a

May 15

I’m going to make a billboard sign with thread work. Not sure how legible the characters will come

May 8

Fabric auditions. Worst part about this is putting away all the ones that don’t make it! #indiaquilt

May 5

Time to work on one of the bigger people, but I’m still using tweezers. #indiaquilt #saqawip

May 2

I showed the green sari woman getting created, but here she is in position with some company.

April 27

Working on the little people; saris are fun because you can sneak in an unexpected burst of

April 24

Are any of the fabrics in my #indiaquilt from India? No, but I did come home with a suitcase full!