Test Pattern (Persistence)


16″ x 18″


Cotton fabric, fusible web, paint, batting, knitting needles


Fused raw edge applique, painted, braided fabric, machine and hand stitched

Knots & Tangles

No problems encountered with this quilt besides attaching the knitting needles onto the quilt.


After completing a very large quilt, I needed to relax with my studio practice and enjoy the feeling of freedom – no plans, no commitments – just time to play with materials without a need to accomplish anything. I braided scraps of materials and made “god’s eyes,” a  craft project that had entertained me as a child during hours of television-free time. The god’s eyes reminded me of test patterns that appeared on screen when TV stations closed for the evening. Even when the TV is turned off, the vision lingers and is often accompanied by complaints of boredom. I thought of how we occupy our selves, and how amusement can be craftily fabricated from free time.

  • Reliance on Reference Photos

  • Computer Usage

  • Paint Applied