Red Cipher


27″ H x 50″ W


Quilted on long arm machine, inset added during quilting. Hand sewing.


commercially printed cotton, poly-cotton batting

Knots & Tangles

Purposely made for a call for entry about “Minimalism.” I discovered that this is not an easy look to achieve. It did not get accepted into the exhibit, but I’m okay with lessons I learned from making this. And since I’m not attached to the final product, it is easy to think about re-working it as something else.


I’ve had this Marimekko fabric waiting for me to do something with it. It fascinated me in it’s simple, yet complicated design – I guess something like a dragonfly’s wings. Attempting a minimalistic look is so far from my usual style that I thought it would be an interesting thing to attempt.

It didn’t get into the show I intended it for, and now I am intrigued with the idea of re-working this quilt into something new.

  • Reliance on Reference Photos

  • Computer Usage

  • Paint Applied

Artist Statement

A definitively placed symbol indicates significance. Focus vacillates between inset detail and the broader entirety, searching for clues of how to “solve for X.”  Information is lacking, decoding is futile. Lacking meaning, the visual extends no further than how it appears. You are here, with the artwork, marked by the X.