I have a friend who hosts an annual “Art Doll” event. Her invitation includes an item that needs to be incorporated into the “doll.” This year, everyone received a key and mine became the tiara.

Once in a while, I will spot some item that calls out to me – a discarded piece of machine, a flea market find, a unique antique. I heed the call and bring the thing home, hoping that the idea that matches it will come along. I restrict my collecting quite severely as I have no intention of hoarding junk! I’ve been waiting to use this piece of metal – I have no idea where I got it or what it was originally used for, but a human form appeared as I looked at it.

Hopefully, I will soon get the idea for the innerds of a gas pump I recently collected. It was surprisingly clean, and has lots of gears and dials and numbers, hmmm…

Knots & Tangles:

As with all mixed media projects, figuring out how to attach unlike materials together is always a challenge. Things went together pretty smoothly, except for the tiara attachment. After a few times of it falling off, I made a few adjustments, and then used epoxy. I took a trophy off a wooden base that was perfectly sized, and painted it with a distressed metal finish.

Completely Original