St. Christopher’s Refuge


37″ x 52.5″


Commercial cotton fabrics, fused and melted synthetic materials, wrapped thread, lace, and inorganic materials such as fish hook, religious medal, jewelry and beads, cotton batting, thread.


Spontaneously composed on long-arm sewing machine; collaged and stitched using variety of fabrics and textural elements, such as previously-made melted synthetic materials and wrapped thread inclusions.

Knots & Tangles

I typically mean knots and tangles as being difficulties/problems I faced in putting a work together, but here I literally mean tangled, twisted threads and knotted bunches of material sewn directly onto the surface.


My mother’s St. Christopher medal, one that she carried as a talisman for safe travels, caught my eye as I looked for interesting things to include in the texture of my quilt. I usually create very planned and tightly organized artworks, but on this particular journey, I allowed myself to wander freely. Maybe the intercession of the saint will allow me to pass from one path of creativity to the next.

I haven’t exhibited this yet, because I’m enjoying it on the wall of my home!

  • Reliance on Reference Photos

  • Computer Usage

  • Paint Applied

St. Christopher's Refuge art quilt by Susan V. Polansky