The Fury of My Heart


53″ H x 51″ W


The image was created and digitally painted with Corel Painter and Photoshop Elements. Fabric printing done by Contrado. Stitched on A-1 longarm.


Cotton sateen printed by Contrado. Wool batting. Cotton backing and border. Variety of threads. Two glued-on Austrian crystals.

Knots & Tangles

The digital painting program Painter, made by Corel, is incredibly complicated! I am a beginner in knowledge about the program, but a general understanding of other computer programs, like Photoshop, helped in picking it up. Also, having experience in real brushwork and paint blending informed my manipulations of the digital medium.

I have not stitched on cotton sateen before, and getting the feel for that took some work. I thought that my longarm stitching would leave holes in the fabric, so I played around with needle sizes and tension on the material and thread until I felt comfortable.


Passion – it’s a mighty instigator.

SAQA “Color in Context: Red”

International Quilt Festival, Houston Texas – debut

other locations TBA, on loan from May2023 – December, 2026

  • Reliance on Reference Photos

  • Computer Usage

  • Paint Applied

"The Fury of My Heart" art quilt by Susan V. Polansky