The "Compendium of Connectivity" for a world analogous to Earth

Writings on the Wall


37″ x 32″


Cotton fabric, acrylic ink and paint, watercolor pencil, watercolor crayon, wool/poly felt batting, fusible web, printed label, MonoPoly thread, various threads, Azek board, lattice stripping


Quilt: Hand painted fabric, machine stitching, inkjet printed label, fusing

Overlay: Stitching on water soluble stabilizer

Computer: QR Code linked to Photoshop created map series

Knots & Tangles

Many challenges to this project!
“Invisible” thread (thin, almost clear) is difficult to work with as it’s hard to see!

Thread-lace people and the “invisible” grid were made with water soluble stabilizer. I erred in using a stabilizer that didn’t disappear completely, leaving a mass of white fibers behind, so I had to re-do everything.

It was difficult to create a frame that would hold the netting suspended over the surface of the map.

It was disappointing when the QR code did not work because of poor internet connections in some galleries.


Created as an entry into a show with the topic of Diaspora.

Concord Art Museum, MA,  Members Juried Show, 2016

Whistler House Museum of Art, MA, 2017

Art League of Rhode Island, “Twisting Fibers,”  2019, First Place

  • Reliance on Reference Photos

  • Computer Usage

  • Paint Applied