When Time Runs Out


52″ x 68″


Cotton, fusible web, batting, acrylic ink


Fused raw edge applique, painted, machine and hand stitched

Knots & Tangles

There were many complications on the way to achieving the very specific vision I had in mind! I’ve written about some of the compositional work that went into this piece in the flip book below the main image. After I had a satisfactory drawing, there were no other difficulties beyond what I would expect in putting together a detailed piece like this.


I’ve been told thatΒ  extreme difficulties are often accompanied by a gift. Impossible to know at the time, even more difficult to believe true. Among possessions I’ve inherited, I have found the intangible presents.

2015 – Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival

2015 – Attleboro Arts Museum, MA – Juror’s Choice Award

2016 – Visions Art Gallery, San Diego, CA – Invitational Figurative Show

2018 – Art League of Rhode Island

  • Reliance on Reference Photos

  • Computer Usage

  • Paint Applied