The "Compendium of Connectivity" for a world analogous to Earth

Writings on the Wall

2016 – 2022

37″ x 32″


Cotton fabric, acrylic ink and paint, watercolor pencil, watercolor crayon, wool/poly felt batting, fusible web, printed label, MonoPoly thread, various threads, Azek board, lattice stripping


Quilt: Hand painted fabric, machine stitching, inkjet printed label, fusing

Overlay: Stitching on water soluble stabilizer

Computer: QR Code linked to Photoshop created map series

Knots & Tangles

Re-worked painted map
I was not satisfied with the original painted map background. I really wanted the look of an antique school map, so I decided it was worth the time to re-work the painting. For details on the original construction, click on this link:


  • Reliance on Reference Photos

  • Computer Usage

  • Paint Applied

mixed media art quilt with QR code link to animation