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Red Cipher
"Skee-ball!" original artwork by Susan V. Polansky
"The Fury of My Heart" art quilt by Susan V. Polansky
The Fury of My Heart
photo detail of mixed media artwork "The Genius of Zachary"
The Genius of Zachary🌟
St. Christopher's Refuge art quilt by Susan V. Polansky
St. Christopher’s Refuge 🌟
art quilt by Susan Polansky
Persephone’s Return
mixed media art quilt with QR code link to animation
Writings on the Wall 🌟
"Skirmish On Insecurity Hill" art quilt
Skirmish On Insecurity Hill
Butterfly and Flowers
Cuban Missile
"Shadows of the Divine" art quilt by Susan V. Polansky
Shadows of the Divine
Finished An Ordinary Day Quilt
An Ordinary Day 🌟
Not to be Tabled 🌟
Syncing a Phone 🌟
Fair Weather
Flood 🌟
Writings on the Wall, Ver. 1
"Spool Party"
Spool Party
Flower Bouquet
Bump in the Night
When Time Runs Out 🌟
Bird with Potential
No One But You 🌟
The Perfect One
What Was I Thinking?
Pastoral Disturbance
Morning Market
Test Pattern (Carefree)
Test Pattern (Persistance)
Beach Umbrellas
Peace Prize Prayer Flag
Gettin’ Hip Prayer Flag
Border Patrol
Dad and Me 🌟
Baby Quilt 🌟
Slice Quilt
Jumpin’ in Bed
Never Mind the Execution 🌟
Self-portrait as a House 🌟
Composition 🌟
Camouflage 🌟
Flotsam and Jetsam 🌟
Under Construction 🌟
To Three or Not To Three 🌟
Fireworks Tonight 🌟
For Pat 🌟
Autumn Splendor 🌟
Journey to the Edge of the World 🌟
Flower Garden 🌟
Point of Entry
Seated Nude With Tiara
Wish Generator
Barometer of Excuses
“Venture Brothers” created by Jackson Publick & Doc Hammer
Candyland Game, Hasbro Inc.-Sneakers
Pinball Sneakers
Orange Sneakers
“Where The WIld Things Are” By Maurice Sendak – sneakers