Look for a Journal with flipping pages, a sound recording, or an animated .gif photo on the quilt pages marked with a🌟 icon!

art quilt by Susan Polansky
Persephone’s Return
mixed media art quilt with QR code link to animation
Writings on the Wall 🌟
"Skirmish On Insecurity Hill" art quilt
Skirmish On Insecurity Hill
Butterfly and Flowers
Cuban Missile
Shadows of the Divine
Finished An Ordinary Day Quilt
An Ordinary Day 🌟
Not to be Tabled 🌟
Syncing a Phone 🌟
Fair Weather
Flood 🌟
Writings on the Wall, Ver. 1
"Spool Party"
Spool Party
Flower Bouquet
Bump in the Night
When Time Runs Out 🌟
Bird with Potential
No One But You 🌟
The Perfect One
What Was I Thinking?
Pastoral Disturbance
Morning Market
Test Pattern (Carefree)
Test Pattern (Persistance)
Beach Umbrellas
Peace Prize Prayer Flag
Gettin’ Hip Prayer Flag
Border Patrol
Dad and Me 🌟
Baby Quilt 🌟
Slice Quilt
Jumpin’ in Bed
Never Mind the Execution 🌟
Self-portrait as a House 🌟
Composition 🌟
Camouflage 🌟
Flotsam and Jetsam 🌟
Under Construction 🌟
To Three or Not To Three 🌟
Fireworks Tonight 🌟
For Pat 🌟
Autumn Splendor 🌟
Journey to the Edge of the World 🌟
Flower Garden 🌟
Point of Entry
Seated Nude With Tiara
Wish Generator
Barometer of Excuses
“Venture Brothers” created by Jackson Publick & Doc Hammer
Candyland Game, Hasbro Inc.-Sneakers
Pinball Sneakers
Orange Sneakers
“Where The WIld Things Are” By Maurice Sendak – sneakers