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142 – Toxic Spill

August 4, 2022 By

Progress is being made on big Fear Quilt, despite interruptions mentioned previously. Anyone who has tried to keep a blog going consistently runs into the same problem – how to avoid saying “haven’t posted for awhile, but…”

This project continues to captivate me. The truth is that it is farther along than my posts are. My critical review can be harsh, especially when self-directed, so it’s with tremendous satisfaction that I can report that I’m sooo pleased with how this artwork is coming together!!

I haven’t yet showed how the seated man that I struggled with in post #129 developed. I was quite happy with the pose that had his hand casually resting, draped above some trash. The nearby oil cans provided enough shadow for the white of the cigarette to show up, along with wisps of flame beginning to develop. The barrels needed to look aged and dented, with a believability factor that toxic waste could be leaking from them. I plan on developing this idea a bit more with threadwork. As I showed in some previous posts (see post #133), I use my mid-arm sewing machine to stitch in details and attach tiny pieces into one big unit that becomes like one solid section of fabric. I’ll detail that more in the next post.