Creative Chrysalis

July 7, 2024

July 7, 2024 By

Well, Here I am.

A year ago, I thought I was finished. With art. With people. With joy.

My 25 year old son, Zachary, made a choice to leave this world. The grief of losing him has been monumental for myself, my husband, my other children and their spouses. We are ever so slowly finding our footing again and learning to live with the burden of an incredible loss.

Moments of wonder help me through the days. Like the magic of this Barred Owl coming to visit on Memorial Day, remaining over the area where we spread Zach’s ashes for the entire day. There have been so many dark moments that when something like this happens, I am more than happy to lighten my day with a sense of connection beyond what we can possibly understand. I’ll take it.

I’ve started to become more regular in my studio, although I’m not up for intense focus yet. Any thing that I do beyond staying in bed for the day is a win, so I’ll let the creativity come as it may. I’m looking forward to connecting with you all again.