fabric stabilizer being washed away
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144 – Now Showing

August 30, 2022 By

In previous posts, (136 and 137) I became aware of a design flaw so I cut out and replaced what bothered me. Not that changes are easy, but fabric as a medium does allow for change to happen! I replaced the wall and added new graffiti that I created (post #141). I also did some work on a “Coming Attraction” sign.

The immensity of the entire quilt project stays interesting with the many side steps of creativity. Guess I could have looked for a printed fabric that had a movie marquee, but why not make my own? Leftover Zombie women (from my adult son’s first sewing project, a Zombie pillowcase!), lots of dots and checkered prints to simulate lighting, and words made from thread (post #141.)

The main photo shows the wash-off of stabilizer and translucent Solvy. I had typed out the Now Showing words in appropriate typeface and size, and copied the image onto Solvy with marker. A tip about that: flop the image and then trace it, then flop the Solvy. That puts the marker on the backside and you don’t run the risk of smearing marker onto your threadwork! After drying, all threads are pulled to the back and fusible web is ironed on, making it ready to be part of the sign.