art quilt work in progress
Skirmish on Insecurity Hill

1 – Welcoming the Unexpected

May 1, 2019 By

We’ve all had times when the original plan didn’t work. How did you proceed after facing the unexpected? Many artists happily embrace those moments, looking forward to random moments that can pique their interest and move their work along in spontaneous directions. But in the case of highly structured art, that kind of freedom isn’t available in all parts of the process.

From the initial idea of an art quilt about fear, I’ve planned on having a painted mural to be part of the scene. I envisioned an artist battling demons in the large scale, naïve style of spray-paint art seen on carnival rides. The idea fit so well into the amusement park schema for talking about relatable issues of things that stop us from achieving goals. I became totally engaged in this project thinking that I was making headway on my large quilt. It turned out to be a major detour. Not to spoil the ending, but … the plan didn’t work. However, the good news is that I created a separate quilt from my efforts. An unexpected route to a perfectly satisfactory ending!