photo showing fabric collage in process
Creative Chrysalis

119 – Tiny Pieces

May 26, 2021 By

A wheelchair is a complicated form. There won’t be an easy way to represent one in fabric. I’ll make my best go at it and see what happens. Having worked out the details in my drawing, I understand the shapes I need to start with and will build upon that as I proceed.

A master outline of the form is taped to my light table. I cover it with a clear sheet of overhead projector film and tape that down also. This will be the surface that I build my image on. I cut one shape that will act as a foundation, in this case the burgundy, and put a dot of glue onto the back to hold it in place on the clear plastic. Then, I use freezer paper templates, and some free-hand cutting, to cut pieces to make up the rest of the form. The light table allows me to see the outline of where the tiny bits should be positioned and then I use a dot of glue to hold the bit in place. When I am done making the image, I can hold up the clear plastic to see how it will look with the other images I have on the design wall. Once I’m satisfied, the original dot of glue (holding the form just created) easily releases from the plastic sheet. I can pin my constructed piece to the design wall and get started on the other four wheelchairs with people that I need to build.