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79 – Ruinous ruffians ruin ruins

December 6, 2020 By

Versions of what will be to the left of the girl with(out) the balloon. I liked the idea of a dog pulling at it’s leash to get to the girl, or maybe to her cotton candy. I’m afraid of getting bitten, and I don’t appreciate when dog owners can barely restrain their dog.

Comparing the two sketches, there is some difference in the background, as I’m still toying with the placement of everything. I like the idea of the snake slide being attached to the building with the rolling barrel entrance, as it reminds me of how typical funhouses work. Go through the mesmerizing barrel, through a series of rooms as you progress to the top level, where the only way out is the slide egress.

I’ve also put in room for some tacky carnival type murals, with people spray painting graffiti on them. Don’t get me wrong, I love graffiti art, but not when it defaces other art or public spaces. I’m thinking specifically of ruinous graffiti I saw on ancient ruins in Europe, and the lack of respect those spray painters had for something that can never be replaced. Not that my intended murals are anything like high art, but the idea is there.