Creative Chrysalis

84 – Ditch the Snake?

December 6, 2020 By

I spent oodles of time on drawing a snake slide, but in this version, I’ve ditched it completely, and, well, I like it. Maybe I can work it in elsewhere, maybe in a less prominent position. I do like the girl losing the balloon front and center, would be a nice focal point. I have left out several other things, like the rolling barrel and murals and toxic dump. There must be a way to include more!

I haven’t given up these ideas yet, but I keep in mind that it all is preliminary work. First, identify and define all the possible pieces, then see what things play well together, knowing some things might not make the cut. Letting go of precious items can make the work better, but It can be a hard decision to omit pieces of work that you’ve spent time on.  Nothing in art should become too precious!