Polansky, Fun Fear drawing
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90 – Quilting Fear

December 12, 2020 By


“Of what?,” you may ask.

Of all the things I set out to conquer when first starting a project about fear. Up to this point, I have been posting about the progression from ‘no idea of what to do next’  to concept, following with all the nitty-gritty of refining my idea and drawing until I completed the outline from which I can make a quilt with.

So, here it is. The final size will be 3’ high x 11’ length (36” x 132”). Truly a commitment, especially with the level of detail that I intend for it, that is typical of my style.

I have paused from posting because of my intimidation. It is not so much caused by the project itself, but more of the “Why” of it. Why do something this large when few shows accept a piece this big? What of the time and effort needed, isn’t there better use of my time? (Oh this last question has come up frequently when reviewing my own work!) What if I work so long on this and it ends up not coming out satisfactorily? Have I not seen all the fantastic work showing daily on my Facebook feed? Why devote so much to a project like this when I could be finishing  smaller pieces and getting them out into the world more often? Typical artistic angst: what am I doing and why…After stepping away for a few weeks, I am still intrigued with my project and drawn to working on it – a very good sign.

In the meanwhile, I have created a new website. This will be my first post from my site rather than from the Facebook platform. And yes, I have also been stymied by social media contact – how to proceed, what is the purpose… but no time like the present to just jump in and see what happens.

My new site, www. susanpolansky.com, contains all the past posts related to this quilt. It also has lots of content intended to show my creative process, with work in progress photos and pictures of what inspired me.  It’s my intent to show artist and artwork developing over time, which I suppose answers my “why” questioning.  Art doesn’t just happen, it’s not art just because it was labeled so. Artists aren’t born with super-arty talents. It takes work and involvement and determination and play and curiosity and asking questions, like why and what if…

Polansky, Fun Fear drawing
“Fun Fear” plan for 3′ x 11′ art quilt