Creative Chrysalis

4 – Commitment to success

March 5, 2020 By

I’m ready for commitment to an idea that is complicated, which is no surprise if you know my artwork. It doesn’t scare me to think that I will be working on this for a really long time. If I have an idea that I think is worthy, if I really believe in it, I will devote my efforts to bringing that vision into reality. Recognition and financial reward are real feel-good things, but not as entirely satisfying as when I mark my own “success” with communicating my idea exactly as I wanted.

“Point of Entry” is a really successful piece, despite it’s lack of acceptances into shows. It is a welcome mat made like a bed of nails and it perfectly expresses my feelings about the current state of United States immigration. It was a time-sucking endeavor, and not a pleasant process – spray paint and flooring nails are definitely not my artistic medium. It’s heavy to ship to shows, and it doesn’t exactly sparkle in photos (it is, after all, just a floor mat). But I love that I made exactly what I envisioned.