Creative Chrysalis

30 – Diving into a pool of imagery

May 3, 2020 By

I’m beginning to think that I’m trying to do too much with one artwork. Better to have too may ideas than none, but at some point maybe I need to work with what I have and make some sense of it all.
I began the process thinking of FEAR, and that was a mighty springboard into a deep pool of imagery.
My last post showed a sketch of a house-like structure, a version of amusement park haunted house filled with scenes from my imagination. It’s plopped in front of me, but so what? How do I activate this, make it more inviting or intriguing to interact with? It’s an object of curiosity, but no more than that. I need people or activity, something that will engage the eye to move around and thus involve the viewer. I am moving from the idea generation phase to design and composition.