Creative Chrysalis

2 – Does fear stop you?

March 2, 2020 By

FEAR…there, I’ve said it.
Who hasn’t been nagged at by demons of fear?
Looking over my journals for some creative inspiration to sink my teeth into, I’m perplexed at why I haven’t accomplished some goals or tried some ideas: what’s stopping me? Fear.

Here’s something that anyone can relate to. I’ve seen artists address this, but mostly in visuals evocative of unsettling and scary feelings, not something that I want to spend time with.

Can a dark topic be done in a light-hearted yet serious way? My work is colorful, and, I like to think, optimistic. How could I talk about disturbing things in an approachable way? I want my next art work to be a commitment piece – one that I can really think about and challenge myself with. Something that I want to look at while I’m working on it, and that I will enjoy when it’s done. Is this a theme that I want to devote myself to, my time and efforts, my emotions? Do I want to take a year or more to complete a complicated piece, only to see when I finish a selfish devotion to my own interior monologue that has no interest for others?

I’ve given myself a lot to think about. Meanwhile, if you know someone who might like to follow how ideas transform into artwork, please send them this link, and ask them to like my page, Thanks!

Peter Griffin has released this “Stop Sign” image under Public Domain license,