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21 – Translation, please

May 15, 2018 By

I’m going to make a billboard sign with thread work. Not sure how legible the characters will come out, if it will be more about color and character, but want to know what I’m starting with. #indiaquilt #saqawip #neqmexplorations #jaipur #whatdoesitsay #susanpolansky

Thanks to contributors from the internet, I discovered the meaning of the sign:

 It is an announcement for a celebration of Guru Pournima – the auspicious day when Hindus pray to their Gurus. It states the date (1st July 2017) and day (Friday). It also states that there will be Aarti (singing of the hymn praising the Guru and other deities) and Prasad (an offering – usually sweet – to the Guru which is then distributed between those present it is said to be carrying the blessings of the Guru/deity it’s offered to). It also states the Venue – Dwarkamai, Sai Baba Mandir (Dwarkamai must be the building at the temple of Shri Sai Baba – the Guru)

Here is translation:-
Guru purnima varshikustav
Sunday , 9th July 2017
Aarti Prasad vitaran
Sthāna :- dwarkamai , sai baba Mandir, Varanasi.

Meaning :-
Guru – teacher
Purnima:- night of full moon
Varshik – annual
Utstav- celebration
Aarti- hindu religious ritual of worship
Prashad- any edible thing which is distributed to people after worshiping God
Vitaran – distribution
Sthāna – place
Sai baba- God
Mandir – temple
Varanasi – one of the city from Uttar Pradesh; India