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16 – Other pencil-like marks

April 6, 2020 By

Another thought on pencils while I’m at it.

Woodless graphite sticks can be sharpened like pencils, but all of the graphite is exposed, so more mark variety can be produced.
There are other forms of graphite like crayons and bars, all typically having the same grading system of soft/hard.
Graphite is smoother than charcoal. It makes less of a mess on your hands, and doesn’t smudge off the paper like charcoal. Charcoal has it’s own merits, like better darks, less shiny and better coverage, but not my tool of choice. I never liked how charcoal sticks felt scratchy against the paper.
Did you know that there are special holders to use with the stubs of pencils to get the most usage of them? Either that, or make a necklace like mine! (I wish I could say that I made it, but no.)