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44 – Please wait for assistance

June 13, 2020 By

I’ll keep some of the details that appeared in the sketching stage and include them later. I really like the “Not Dead Yet” name with glowing/bright pill shapes for the signage. Heart monitor blips for background? What if all riders had to wear a heart monitor before entering the ride, and their reactions were showing as real-time large images? How about giant hypodermic needles as stairway posts? Must keep the “Stay Seated” sign, along with a continuously-repeating (digital red light on black background) sign that repeats “Please Wait For Assistance.”
My sister reacted quite strongly, remarking that this whole idea is offensive. What do you think?

Personally, this is meaningful to me and not meant as a slight to anyone dealing with serious health care issues. My limited experience with the frustrations of waiting for help, being unable to move as I want, and the fear of the unknown provokes these images. Not knowing the duration of the experience but having to ride it out until you can be released is frightening. Her feedback disturbed me, yet also assured me that I am on to something that provokes thought and emotion.