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41 – Using a perspective grid

June 4, 2020 By

This perspective grid is what I’ll use for my drawing. There are many kinds of simple grids available for free on the internet. Try using one under a piece of tracing paper or on your computer to help figure out the basics of perspective.

It’s all about setting up relationships and being consistent. That’s the idea of linear perspective drawing. Of course it gets more complicated. Comic book and anime drawings frequently use extreme views for emphasis. I’ve used manga drawing instruction books as they are great for explaining exaggeration without any technical jargon.

The way our eyes see is more of a fish-eye lens view, which makes sense because our eyes are round. Our brains neatly straighten everything out. But artists can use this curvilinear perspective for a unique and more emphatic drawing style. And, since I’m challenging myself here, that’s what I’m going to attempt!

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