Creative Chrysalis

56 – Wandering through the funhouse

July 23, 2020 By

A tighter sketch with some different additions – a menacing animal beyond the mouse hole reaching out its paw. Maybe a jail-like room above the Healthscare attraction. Crates and barrels randomly strewn about with tripping hazards like electric cords. My mind and drawings are wandering. What would I find in a funhouse or on the grounds? Would I go through the attraction on the wheelchairs, get let off somewhere inside and then climb through an upstairs jail, able to see the crowds below, then have to get out by sliding down a mouse-trap pole with a paw swiping at me? Not trying to be too attached to my original idea of fear, just going with the flow to see what develops. If it relates, or looks good, I’ll try to find a way to work it in. Each time I re-draw, I refine ideas and the look.