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101 – Imaginative Play

January 28, 2021 By

I love how the trap came out so far. I’ll eventually talk about the collage process in more detail, but there’s plenty of time to get to that.

Many unlucky people have probably never played or heard about the children’s game “Mouse Trap,” so they have missed out on this bit of fun (or torture, depending on how you see it!) The game is a three-dimensional, turn by dice roll game for 2-4 people.  A Rube Goldberg mouse trap contraption is successively built on the game board as play goes along, following a specific sequence that allows practically no decision making, requiring players to co-operate at first and then turn on each other to catch each other’s mouse shaped game pieces.

Taken out of context, that last sentence may be why I included this image in my art quilt about fear. A giant trap ratcheting down upon you, when you’ve tried so hard to stay in the game and get to the top, also seems to be the idea. It was frustrating to play the game as a child, since it rarely went together and worked as well as expected, but it also was a bit thrilling to see if it would work. Let’s call it imaginative fancy and it fits well enough with my theme. You might see anything at an amusement park, right?