fabric collage of roof with photo references and original drawing
Creative Chrysalis

105 – Nailing the Roof

February 15, 2021 By

Does the house top seem familiar? I modeled it after “American Gothic,” an iconic painting by Grant Wood that has often been parodied. I stumbled upon the idea when searching for an appropriate Victorian or Gothic style house to mimic as the amusement park funhouse in my quilt. The rickety turret I found was perfect! My challenge was to choose fabrics for the two different constructions that looked as if they could belong together.

I’ve had some hesitation about whether I could transform my outline plan for an art quilt into actuality, but this small section has erased the doubts for now. I created the façade and tower with small bits of fabric, carefully cut and fused together. “Fusible webbing” is a product popular with art quilters, essentially a thin sheet of hot-melt glue, enabling fabric to be ironed into place. I like the delicately thin Misty-fuse product which makes for a strong bond without much change to the “hand” (feel of the fabric.)