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Creative Chrysalis

104 – Eyes Above

February 11, 2021 By

Above the swirling vortex/black hole/rolling barrel entrance to the funhouse of my quilt, I would like to have some eyes. This part of the quilt/drawing is referring to people watching you/technology tracking your movements/maybe an all-seeing presence…or, maybe it is just signage above the entryway. I remembered a fabric with printed swirls on it, about marble sized, so that seemed a good starting place. Then, a greenish-grey cactus flower print had the color and shading that would do well for the lids. I like the dark shading in the reference image, thinking of the eyes as floating in deep space. They stand out a lot in the picture, but are not quite so startling in actuality, and will mellow out more when I add stitching.