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108 – From The Mouth Of A Snake

March 3, 2021 By

A smaller snake slide is a fine idea, but now to make it real. Usually, I don’t number my templates, but it was necessary with so many tiny pieces of freezer paper involved. I always have a few colors of fine point Sharpie markers nearby for marking templates. In this case it was numbers, sometimes I use numbers and letters to group similar areas together. I might place directional arrows if I want to keep that in mind when choosing fabric – maybe light/dark area is important, or the grain of wood, etc.

I intend on having a person emerging from the chute of the snake’s mouth. I don’t think it is decipherable here. Not enough contrast between person and mouth, too muddy – but I’ll leave it for now. Clarification of such a small detail may not be significant in the overall piece.