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110 – Digging Into The Dark

March 18, 2021 By

I began my fabric collage quilt in a random spot as I was too intimidated to begin with a featured area. After my first efforts proved to be a confidence builder, I’m ready to dig into the complex “Not Dead Yet” dark ride attraction of my Fear amusement park by clarifying how I want to construct the people waiting in line. While you wait for the ride to start, here’s some fun facts about dark rides.

Some dark ride facts:

And for the fun of it:

“The Dark Ride Project is a world first, virtual reality project capturing the history, horror and excitement of Dark Rides, Ghost Trains, Mill Rides and other moving haunt experiences.

The Dark Ride project has emerged through 15 years of research by dark ride documentarian and digital artist, Joel Zika. He’s travelled the globe capturing these rides, bringing them back from the dead through new technology and virtual reality.”

public domain photo of amusement park dark ride

photo from the Carol M. Highsmith collection, in the public domain
Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C., 20540-4730