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111 – Templates and Logical Layering

March 24, 2021 By

Freezer paper templates serve as a way of getting the shapes and sizes mostly correct, although sometimes I vary from them as I choose and cut fabric. If I suspect that I might need several trials to get the color right, I cut a few templates for that area as it’s easier to do similar tasks at the same time.

I mark areas of overlap with a dotted line. It helps the believability factor in collage to have logical layering – pants appear on top of the leg and under the shirt. I also try to consider how to minimize the number of tiny pieces – for example, I might cut the entire person out of flesh tone and then add the bits of clothing. Kind of like paper dolls!

refining drawing for an art quilt
The outline drawing needs to be better defined before I can make freezer paper templates to cut fabric.