A doll's wheelchair is a model for a drawing
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117 – For Position Only!

May 1, 2021 By

What do you do when faced with a difficult step of a project? Get right in there? Or waffle around a little, thinking of other things that need to get done? You haven’t seen me post anything recently, so guess you can figure out my answer!

I’ve already drawn what I want so what’s the hold up? The outline on the top shows my intention. Reminds me of my graphic artist days when I’d mark F.P.O (for position only) on the pasted-up boards going to a printer. The space was laid out, but something more finished was going into that space. I need a bit more information to create this convincingly out of fabric.

I know for a fact that the wheels are not that large, but what is the rest of the look, and how about from varied angles? I went to the internet. Found just the thing for a model. It’s extra wide – it’s made for a WWWF (World Wide Wrestling Federation) figurine, so it had to have room for the muscles!