Tracing Vellum used for air-brush masking
Skirmish on Insecurity Hill

12 – What Masks Are Made Of

May 12, 2019 By

To work on the dragons, I’ll need to protect what I’ve already done. I need to make some small areas of color, and tracing vellum is what I’ve taken out. It is thicker than tracing paper while still transparent enough to trace through. It holds a nice edge when cut. I’ll use this to cut some “windows” to spray through. Nothing will hold the edges tight to the fabric, so I must be sure to spray directly perpendicular to the surface – if I spray at an angle it’s likely that some spray will blow under the edge of the mask and ruin an area I want to protect.

I want to protect the Dragon’s teeth (not that Dragons would have pearly whites, but…) For small areas, I cut shapes out of artist’s masking tape. The white tape (not regular tan masking tape) is less sticky and will not pull the surface up when removed.

Photo of masking products used for air-brushing
Air-brush masking comes in many shapes and forms.