photo of studio set up for air-brushing
Skirmish on Insecurity Hill

13 – When Pig(ment)s Fly

May 13, 2019 By

I protect my work area from overspray. Lots of newsprint pinned up around the general area as it is surprising how much spray can go to unintended places. The newsprint gives me a test area also to check the flow of paint or color. I do some test spraying especially when changing colors checking that there is no residual color from a previous spray.

The photo shows my airbrush resting in a spraypot. It’s a safe place to discharge unused color or liquid from a cleaning session between color changes. And not shown is a mask I wear while spraying to prevent inhalation of pigments flying around. And, due to current conditions, there’s no shortages of masks around the house! I use only water-based paints, so it is the tiny pigment particles that I am wary of. Oil-based paints would require a vapor barrier mask to prevent toxic fumes from being inhaled.