plan, progress and finish of air-brushed fabric collage quilt
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126 – Stepping Off The Path

August 4, 2021 By

Now that I’ve created some people for my amusement park scene, I returned to work on the buildings. I had been thinking of a huge mural painted on a wall, but the actuality didn’t go as intended. What began as an interesting painting project to include in my big quilt about Fear took on a life of its own. I wasn’t planning on stepping off the intended path, but it happened.

Happily, I enjoyed my side trip and I hope you will too, as I’ve written entirely new content for my website’s “Follow My Progress” section. There are 24 posts with photos describing the creation of “Skirmish On Insecurity Hill.”

Here’s the link to the posts:

You may have noticed fewer posts recently, but it is summer after all. Fresh air, garden, family and travel – enjoying some freedom after vaccination. Turns out it’s also a perfect time for a detour! It was a good break from my monumental and sometimes overwhelming Fear project. With “Skirmish” completed, I’ll now return to the Fear quilt and think about what might occupy the area where this air-brushing project was supposed to go.