fabric collage of seated man
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129 – Struggles With The Man

September 21, 2021 By

I’ve been hard at work, and near the give-it-up point. But I achieved what I wanted despite the struggle. I won’t needlessly put you through my torment! I’m discovering how difficult it is to make regularly scheduled blog posts.

I tried several times to make a sitting man parked on a bench in front of the amusement building. I wanted him to be slouched with a relaxed hand holding a cigarette with his other hand holding a leash connected to a mean dog.  The dog is about to attack a distracted young girl’s cotton candy while the nonchalant man does nothing to rein him in.

What worked best was a photo model, as the references I was finding on the internet just weren’t helpful enough. I asked my husband to adopt a slouchy pose so I could get the drawing right. Being able to see a close-enough photo enabled me to create the realistic look I want.

The building behind the man has also been a struggle, but I got through it. I kept trying different combinations until something looked right. Below is a failed sitting man – his head is too big and I wasn’tloving the colors.

variations of fabric collage wall