fabric collage in progress
Creative Chrysalis

130 – The Devil is in the Details

October 5, 2021 By

I’ve made graffiti artists in my fabric collage art quilt who were going to be spray painting on a mural, but now I’ve created a corner that they are tucked into. The wall is the back of a façade for another amusement attraction, something that will have to do with evil. Oversized signage, maybe a devil’s head, needs to go on the top of the building, something that is recognizable but as seen from the back or side.

It was difficult to figure out how large to make the devil head, but I’m in charge here so I can make it any size! A hollow structure with support beams would emphasize that it is being seen from the back side of the amusement, allowing the viewer to fill in the blanks of what the amusement itself is about. And, of course it needs flames!