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131 – Can You Guess What This Mess Is?

October 25, 2021 By

Have you guessed what the mess in the photo is? Doesn’t look that great now, but keep watching. I am teasing you a bit, but since I’m finished, I’m planning on making two posts this week to let you see how it came out. When I drew out the entire scene for this large art quilt, I did not consider how I would create all the images. I had confidence that if I imagined it, I could create it in fabric. But now, having reached this area, I needed to prove it to myself.

Making each of the separate pieces of this quilt is a project onto itself, which factors into how I can keep working on one quilt for so long. Each unit has its own challenges and needs as to how it will be created, and requires me to use different media and techniques. In the end, it all fits together, in part because I have an overall plan in mind.