realistic art quilt showing detail
Creative Chrysalis

137 – Just Cut It Out

February 1, 2022 By

Precious creations are dangerous. Becoming attached to what you’ve made, either because of the look of it or because of knowing what it took to make it, can lead to editing reluctance. If it’s not helping the artwork, it shouldn’t be in there! On the positive note, fabric is forgiving – changes can be made.

I had noted that a visually overpowering diagonal had appeared in my general composition. A line of graffiti was acting as a strong connection point. I really liked how I made an authentic graffiti look without painting it. Which is why it was a tough decision to cut it out. I want spraypainting on that wall, but it needs to be positioned differently. So, here we go – a perfectly good element snipped right off!

I made sure that my wall “repair” was not a perfectly shaped rectangle. I varied the top edge (of the brown and black) for a more natural look. When two separate pieces should blend, a hard edge between them will often stand out. This is often a telltale sign of a Photoshopped image. A straight line where you wouldn’t expect to see one is usually a clue that realism is not so real.