photo of fabric selvedge edges
Creative Chrysalis

138 – The Missing Selvedge

March 8, 2022 By

These are selvedges – printed identifying marks found on the edge of fabric. Nifty looking artifacts that might be useful in some craft project. I am not the only person that saves them! Google “selvedge art quilts or selvedge art” and you’ll find that many people are fascinated by them.

But save them for future reference? As in, I need the same fabric, where can I get some? Searching without a specific brand or identifying number will be fruitless, unless the purchase was recent, and you can remember exactly where you previously purchased the item. Even the most helpful salesperson will be confounded by a description of “a medium grey cotton with taupe and black swashes through it, and a smattering of rust sprinkles.”

I’m in luck, though! I saved enough of the fabric edge to know that I needed something from the Grunge line of Moda Fabrics! Hopping onto their website, I quickly realized that there are at least 236 Grunge colors! And that’s where I started to call around to local shops, sounding rather silly with nebulous descriptions of the specific gray I’m hunting for. I couldn’t figure out exactly which color it was by looking at the Moda website, as several had subtle, unique variations of gray. It looked like I’d have to settle on something different. But it’s difficult to change gears when the perfect color seems just within reach.

Many smaller fabric stores have closed since I first started collecting colors, but there are still enough to choose from in the metropolitan surrounds of Boston. I ventured out to a place I hadn’t been to before, as they carried Moda colors. I found my fabric and a whole lot more! I haven’t allowed myself a textile shopping spree in a long time, so this was pure fun! My new favorite store is: The Quilted Crow (626 Main Street, Bolton, MA) Great choices, lots of arty prints and excellent transitional colors (to blend from one color to the next.) Far enough away for me not to be tempted to go often, but close enough for an occasional visit.