choosing fabrics to represent ground
Creative Chrysalis

140 – Laying The Groundwork

March 30, 2022 By

The sky has been composed above the “Not Yet Dead” attraction. Now to lay the groundwork. Again, I must keep in mind the width of the whole quilt (eleven foot) and that the ground colors and style must be able to transition from one side to the other. The mid-line of the quilt bisects the fun-house with the pointed roof. My aim is to have the middle area brighter than the edges of the quilt to help bring the eye back to center as the whole quilt view is taken in. The fabrics hint of  concrete/pavement/brick and allow me to sneak in some additional colors, which I think of as highlights caused by patchy sunshine. Cloud cover has created conditions for otherwise ambiguous shadows throughout the rest of the quilt.

The ”Not Yet Dead” section is completely pre-stitched. In case you missed earlier posts, I use a mid-arm sewing machine (Handi-Quilter Sweet16) to stitch over edges of fabric that are fused together. The stitch work further secures the tiny, collaged pieces and adds more definition to the images I’m creating. Now I will repeat the process on the ground section. The white dog, oil cans, man on the bench and graffiti boys – all pieces that have been fused together – will be stitched as part of this section. I have thought out where breaking points are – places that I can separate large areas from each other to work on them independently, while leaving the rest of the areas intact on my design wall.

The white behind the man and boys is a tear off interfacing that provides support during the stitching process.