photo of fabric selection for quilt
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139 – Good Thing I Like Blue

March 17, 2022 By

It’s a good thing I like blue and have so many to choose from! Of course, there was that recent trip to the fabric store, where I may have picked a few more samples of my favorite color.

Almost any artist would say that color selection is one of the most fun parts of the process and I am no different. Both the colors and patterns must work well together in setting the mood of the piece. So much of the story can be told with careful choices. The top photo is an initial selection, where I pin folded pieces of fabric to the wall. “Not making the cut” is appropriate to say here – I can quickly eliminate non-starters without cutting into them.

The bottom photo has the stormy sky that I wanted. The section of fire by the devil’s head against the dark blue is especially dramatic. I do have to keep in mind that this sky will continue for the length of the piece (about 11 feet) so it will have to transition from one side to the other. It can’t be all dark and stormy as that would be less drama than having one area stand out as threatening. The sky is a large area so I have to make sure it is not overwhelming.